Low Down Payment Loans

Low Down Payment Loans

You May Qualify for a Low or No Down Payment Loan

One Team Mortgage offers low to no down payment options for qualified borrowers. From FHA and USDA to Conventional loans such as HomeReady® from Fannie Mae and Home Possible® from Freddie Mac, to options for Veterans, many borrowers can benefit from our flexible loan options. Contact us today to learn more.


  • Low to No Down Payment for certain loans and qualified borrowers
  • Talk to us about state and local downpayment grants that may be available.
  • Down Payment gifts from family may be allowed
  • Great for first-time homebuyers

Contact us today and learn about these benefits and get answers to all your mortgage questions by speaking with a licensed loan officer.

Our Happy Customers

Reviewed for Brandon Scher on Sep-17-2023
“Brandon was fabulous and so helpful! Grateful we had him to work with through this experience.”


Reviewed for Paul Zlotnikoff on Sep-08-2023
“Super easy to work with and made the whole process a breeze.”


Reviewed for Amy Dolan on Sep-08-2023
“Amy, Shannon and Heather were amazing to work with. Very professional and responsive!!”


Reviewed for Amy Dolan on Sep-07-2023
“They were committed to getting it done for me”

Gregory Alfonso

Reviewed for Amy Dolan on Sep-06-2023
“Amy helped whenever was needed and was always reliable with information needed at any time during my moving process.”

Theo Edward

Reviewed for Paul Zlotnikoff on Sep-05-2023
“Paul was very receptive and available to answer any and all of our questions. He was timely, efficient and even after having an orthopedic surgery, he went out of his way to help us! Highly recommend!! Thanks Paul!”


Reviewed for Amy Dolan on Sep-05-2023
“Very responsive and helpful answering any questions. Friendly”


Reviewed for Cecelia Johnson Chavis on Sep-04-2023
“Cecelia was responsive, explained things clearly and helped us navigate the process of buying very smoothly.”


Reviewed for Paul Zlotnikoff on Sep-03-2023
“Good communication throughout. Just one small glitch near then end.”

Janet E.

Reviewed for Brandon Scher on Sep-01-2023
“Brandon is great to work with and is always ready to discuss things to help put home buyers at ease and makes the stressful process of buying a home easier.”


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